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A UK first: an automated, high density storage solution for the British Library.

<< This paper will give a brief overview of the new storage building being planned by the British Library (BL) at Boston Spa in Yorkshire [...]

The quality of the new storage should meet British Standard 5454:2000. This will increase the proportion of the collections housed to this standard from 42% to 48% by the time we have completed the initial moves in 2008 [...]

We will mantain service standards to our users abd in some areas there will be improvements [...]

We made the decision to go for a high-density solution [...]

We decided to look at fully automated systems of storage and retrieval [...]

We are planning to deliver a sustainable  building ready for occupation in October 2006, which will provide 150 linear km of storage space that meets British Standard 5454:2000 [...] >>
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